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Hey guys!

I've been a member of this community for a while, but had to stop "watching" it for a long time due to time-restrictions. It's now back on my regularly-watched list, so I hope to be more active here.

I started running over 2 years ago with the C25K program. I ran my first 5K in over 36 minutes in October of 2008. I had to take a little time off during the winter of '08-'09, then I got back to it. I did about 5 5Ks in the summer of 2009, but got hurt, and had to take another month off. Then, in the fall of '09, we bought a house, so we were busy fixing that up and moving, so there was another month off. I'm glad to say that in October of '09, I got back into running, and I've had no real injuries or set-backs since.

My goal this year is to run 10 5K races (8 of 10 completed), 1 5-mile race (completed), and 1 10K (next Sunday). I'll probably end up exceeding those goals, as I have 2 10Ks on my calendar, and 12 5Ks.

I'm currently working on building my base. My "long run" is 8 miles at this point, and I'm sitting between 25-30 miles per week. In November, after (hopefully) my 2nd 10K, I'm going to start upping the long run, and I will be starting half-mary training for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2011. I'm hoping that goes well, and that I can do a few halfs next year. The goal is to do the Pittsburgh full Marathon in 2012. OR, if I do really well with mileage during half training, I may try to find a full for the fall of 2011.

Through all of this, I'm trying to lose the last 15-20 pounds. I know trying to lose weight during marathon training is difficult. But I'm going to give it a go regardless.

I'm also looking to add people to my friends list who are like-minded. A lot of my friends don't run, and most of my posts are about weight-loss and running, so it seems like no one is reading or comments. :( If you feel reading my blather, add me. :)
I find it funny how much I hate to exercise.

When I was a kid I was in tap, ballet, jazz, acrobats, gymnastics, karate, swim classes, swim team, and synchronized swimming. That was my average week. Now I hate even the idea of exercising. I need to get my butt in gear and just do it.
Check out my community, burning_losing.


Jillian Michaels

So, I don't know if any of you are Jillian Michaels fans, but I'm trying rather desperately to get a community going that's a follower of her DVDs, show, books...just everything.

Every community I find of hers is dead. There are a lot of times where I'll be like "I know she said ____" but I'll forget...and I could email her or call into the show, but the chances of being picked up and answered are NUTS. So I thought if I had a group of people who regularly listen to her, do her workouts, watch Biggest Loser, etc, maybe we could motivate and help each other out.

Anyhow, if anyone at all is interested in helping me get this going, the community's here!

DDR...and cold weather.

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400 cals today.

Why do I get so tired? I didn't play yesterday. Today I played retardedly. It's like my body was all worn out. I got my front/back arrows mixed up. I missed easy steps.

I upped the challenge (no 4th/8th notes to all possible notes) but couldn't get to 500. My body was tired, even though I didn't play yesterday.

I maybe might have broken through the impossible plateau that I've been at since the 7th. (Which is a freakin' long time.) 114.5. Maybe. And my stomach looks flat. (Not round, like it has been.) I'm doing ok. My upper body looks thin. My collarbones show. My arms are slender. My breasts (boo) have shrunk. However, my legs and butt and middle have not seemed to get the message. I still look strange in skirts. Especially without tights.

Maybe I would feel better if it weren't constantly 50- degrees. March is supposed to be warm. We're nearing the end here. Why is it 60-? It should be stretching towards 70. I am cold. It's spring. I want something to celebrate.

Bought "Wintergirls" today. Its awesome. Bought a couple other books too. J's date was to Barnes and Noble. Few things are as wonderful as a bookstore. It was a long afternoon date. A good date. Few things are as satisfying as a brand new pile of books.

A New Beginning: The Sequel

I'm a pretty active person. I row varsity crew for my college, so excersizing isn't an issue. I usually practice for 3 hours in the morning (5AM-8AM) and then an extra hour or so of lifting or cardio in the afternoon. Plus I live in the city so there's no car. Just biking and walking everywhere.

The PROBLEM, is that I have no portion control, so my weight fluctuates depending on my appetite that day. I need some tips on controlling portions or foods that are good to snack on and not SO bad for me.

My goal is to drop the few extra pounds before bikini season. I want to be SMOKIN! And all my hard work to show. haha


How to...

So I never really thought about keeping a journal to stay motivated about something before but I joined LiveJournal a few days ago and I have been reading different communities and I feel like it could help me with my problem.

I used to be extremely active, I played sports everyday, soccer and track, now I don't. I have noticed a steady weight gain. I'm not fat, I'm just not where I want to be. I need help staying motivated. I don't know any good workout routines to do in order to lose weight. What are the best ways? I love running, how many miles do I need to run a day to see a loss? Please give me any advice you have.

New Here

Hi I am new to this community. Currently working on losing a substantial amount of weight. I have mastered the concepts of healthy eating and portion control, but now the final block is the exercise regimes and maintaining fitness.

A quick question though; Since I have started exercising, (mixture of stationary bike, weights and walking) I have been getting a lot of comments about how much thinner I look and my clothes are starting to hang down which is a good sign, and thing like my chest is starting to broaden and the weight doesn't sag off my chin as much. I had an initial burst of weight loss, but now the raw numbers don't move on the scales when I weigh-in. I can only assume that I am building muscle as a result but I just get so down that the numbers aren't moving.

How do you guys stay motivated??  because after three weeks its starting to annoy me, and I have started to notice a few little gains.

Well today I went To The Gym for two hours.
Ate 800 calories soo far and will be at a total of 1200
I eat a lot of protein and I'm working on building muscle.
Eh I'm trying to quit smoking which is proving to be a pretty big problem
tonite i'm going out to the movies with a girl from where I work
hopeing it'll workout soo well I'm gonna go take a shower and go out to a friend of mines until then.
hey i'm 23 years old male. I used to be around 320 pounds I lost 160. I know that's a lot of weight to lose and physically i am a totally different person but mentally I still feel like i'm 320 pounds. I still feel like i'm fat and i'm stuck. It's keeping me from developing a social life and meeting anyone. my whole life i was over weight and now that i'm finally normal I never expected it to be like this... I want to lose more weight but i don't really think it would really make any difference...does anyone have any advice on this situation?