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DDR...and cold weather.

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400 cals today.

Why do I get so tired? I didn't play yesterday. Today I played retardedly. It's like my body was all worn out. I got my front/back arrows mixed up. I missed easy steps.

I upped the challenge (no 4th/8th notes to all possible notes) but couldn't get to 500. My body was tired, even though I didn't play yesterday.

I maybe might have broken through the impossible plateau that I've been at since the 7th. (Which is a freakin' long time.) 114.5. Maybe. And my stomach looks flat. (Not round, like it has been.) I'm doing ok. My upper body looks thin. My collarbones show. My arms are slender. My breasts (boo) have shrunk. However, my legs and butt and middle have not seemed to get the message. I still look strange in skirts. Especially without tights.

Maybe I would feel better if it weren't constantly 50- degrees. March is supposed to be warm. We're nearing the end here. Why is it 60-? It should be stretching towards 70. I am cold. It's spring. I want something to celebrate.

Bought "Wintergirls" today. Its awesome. Bought a couple other books too. J's date was to Barnes and Noble. Few things are as wonderful as a bookstore. It was a long afternoon date. A good date. Few things are as satisfying as a brand new pile of books.