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Nov. 14th, 2008

 Electronic Arts wants to help people get fit, too

By BARBARA ORTUTAY – 1 day ago

NEW YORK (AP) — Following in the footsteps of Nintendo's popular "Wii Fit," the video game publisher known for the "Madden" football games is jumping into fitness software targeted mostly at women.

Electronic Arts Inc. on Thursday announced a new line, EA Sports Active, that runs on the Nintendo Wii console and aims to complement, not compete with, Nintendo's "Wii Fit" exercise title.

Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, called the new brand, whose first title launches next March, a "somewhat radical departure from the normal game experiences we provide customers."

EA's sports audience has been mostly young men, who have flocked to football, soccer, basketball and hockey titles to make the company the world's dominant player in sports video games.

But to stay competitive with rivals such as Activision Blizzard Inc., whose success with games like "World of Warcraft" and "Rock Band" seems to be weathering the recession, EA needs to continue to expand its audience.

The company's new brand seeks to take advantage of the popularity of the Nintendo console and of exercise games. While the "Wii Fit" is already enormously popular, Moore, a former physical-education teacher, said EA's sports software will run people through an exercise routine with a more Western approach than the Japanese company's product.

"Wii Fit" includes activities like running, skiing as well as yoga, and it emphasizes balance as well as fitness. EA's products will include exercises like running and lunges, as well as simulations of sports such as tennis.

The games use straps to attach the Wii's controller and "nunchuk" attachment to a player's body, so the fitness routines can be performed without holding the controls. It also includes a resistance band. Titles in the line will cost about $60, the same as a regular video game.


Hello there ^-^
I have struggled with eating disorders for several years now, and recently I decided it was time for a healthy and realistic approach to life. I am 5"5 and 120 pounds. This is healthy for my height, but I am very out of shape. I'm hoping to get fit through exercise and eating well. I'm also looking to move on from my old restrictive and insecure habits. I am vegan, so if anyone wants to share advice on healthy veganism for me, I would appreciate it! Good luck everyone!


One of my good friends recommended that I start a journal and talk with people on the forums here to help keep myself motivated. So here goes... I just started trying to lose weight about 2 weeks ago. I am 25 years old 5'6" and currently 237lbs.  I have been playing Dance Dance Revolution in workout mode and limiting my calorie intake with good results thus far (10lbs gone so far!) . I am just afraid of falling off the wagon when the weight loss starts to slow and going back to old habits (like I have done many times before.) I am just looking for some friendly people to share stories, goals, pitfalls and just plain talk with. Heres wishing everyone the best of luck in their goals! 

answers, please?

if i exercised more, i'd have to eat more, wouldnt i? wait, no.
my body would use up fat stores. only after fat stores are used up will the body eat muscle, this is, of course, after the initial 1-3 days of initial shock starvation mode. then, the body switches to using fat stores.

i'm so bad with numbers. i really dont get the deficit thing. okay, so, if the 12 calories per lb thing is correct, then, i need 1500 calories a day. if i eat 500 less, that's a deficit of 500 calories a day. if i burn an additional 500 calories, that's a deficit of 1000 calories. am i correct?

Awesome New Workout Routines

Hey Ladies,

I just downloaded a couple of dance routines from these widgets and they are really fun to do in my living room. You should give em a shot and pass on the love if they work for you...

I hope you likey!!

Dance and Be Fit Series

Bollywood Series

Shiva Rea Yoga Trance Dance

Eating Triggers

Eating Triggers
  • Article By: The Weight Watchers Research Department
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JANUARY, 2007—A trigger can be defined as something that sets in motion a course of events. For example, red wine can trigger a migraine headache in susceptible people, while seeing a spider can trigger a panic attack in those who have arachnophobia.

When it comes to eating triggers, they fall into three separate categories: trigger foods, trigger feelings, and trigger environments.1

Trigger Foods
A trigger food is a specific food that sets off a course of overeating where control is lost and excessive amounts are consumed. The most common trigger foods are sugar/fat combinations (e.g. ice cream, cookies) and fat/salt combination (e.g. nuts, potato chips).2 Food triggers are fairly uncommon and should not be confused with favorite foods (foods that are highly preferred), comfort foods (foods that are linked to a sense of home and contentment) or food cravings (desire for a food that has not been consumed in a long time). With a true food trigger it is the food, not an emotion or situation, that triggers the out-of-control eating. For example, open the bag of potato chips and it will be gone, regardless of mood, time of day or place.

To help manage trigger foods, it is important to identify the food and avoid it altogether, at least for a certain period of time, and then reassess periodically.

Trigger Feelings
A trigger feeling is an emotion, good or bad, that sets off a period of overeating.3 Unlike food triggers, which initiate overeating of a specific food, after an emotional trigger any available food will do. For more information on this topic, read the Science Center library article, Emotional Eating. To manage trigger feelings, it is important to first identify the specific emotion that initiates the overeating and then develop positive strategies to cope with that emotion without using food.

Trigger Environments
A trigger environment is a specific situation or place that sets off a period of overeating. Common examples include walking into a movie theater, going to a buffet restaurant, attending a sporting event or visiting a relative. To manage trigger environments, it is important to identify the specific location, people or events that set off the overeating. As with trigger foods, avoidance is an effective strategy for many people. For example, if the movie theater is a trigger, then going to a play or museum may be a better option. If visiting relatives in their home sets off an eating frenzy, ask to meet in a restaurant or elsewhere. When avoidance is not an option, it is important to develop tactics that minimize the likelihood of overeating.

Bottom Line – Inevitably, eating triggers happen. When this occurs, it is important to recognize them for what they are and think about how you could avoid it from occurring in the future.


Avoid Trigger Foods When Dieting

Trigger Foods Keep Us Fat

Each of us has our own high calorie trigger foods.
The sort we can't stop eating.
The sort that keep us fat.

How to Deal With Trigger Foods When Dieting

You have 2 basic options:

  • Exclude all high calorie trigger foods from your shopping list
    This is brutal but highly effective - except if you have kids.
    They don't care about your crazy weight loss diet!
  • Buy fewer trigger foods - stock up with low-calorie extras
    Tolerate some trigger foods in the home, but focus on eating your own lower calorie snacks.

How to Stick to a Diet and Avoid Trigger Foods

Avoiding trigger foods is best achieved on a full stomach. This is still the best way to stick to your diet and lose weight. An empty stomach is asking for trouble.

For example, if you're desperate for cake - eat a banana or a low calorie yogurt. You'll be amazed how it calms your sweet-tooth.

But if the only alternative foods in your refrigerator are high-calorie options, you'll binge on the cake and then the fattening ice-cream and then the high-fat popcorn and your diet will be in bits.

When this happens, most dieters freak out and quit their weight loss program altogether. They can't cope with diet failure and the guilt of bingeing.

So, make sure you have diet-friendly options to eat when temptation strikes, or else have a diet-recovery plan to execute when you exit the binge zone!



New Member!

Hi guys, I'm new here obviously.
I recently joined my community's LA Fitness, and I've started to work out just about everyday.
I've been out for about two weeks becuase of some surgery, but I'm looking forward to getting back in there.
Here's my stats.

Height: 5'9"
Current Weight: 154
Goal Weight: 130, 120.

I've been unhappy with my weight practically my whole teenage life. (I'm 16.) The weight doesnt matter as much as the image. I just want to be comfortable and confident in my own skin. I'm not too much of a diet person, what can I say I like to eat. I just want to tone my problem areas and loose some weight. 

Wish me luck!


2nd sunday in a row I met my goal weight!

After my birthday and my boyfriend coming to visit me, I was set back and gained 2 pounds back just like that. But since then, I have been working out everyday een if its mowing the lawn or actually doing an exercise dvd (because what I realized is that as long as your heart rate is up and elevated you are doing physical activity). So for 9 days straight so far, I have worked out every day for more than 45 minutes. I was 138 on 6/1 which is when I Started.

My goal for 6/8 was 137. Goal 1 met. My goal for today was 136. Goal 2 met! I find that me bing so positive and really enjoying working out is making this so much easier than what I thought.

I've thrown out my goals of losing 2 pounds per week because you know what, the weight will come off as long as I stay focused, work out, and positive. For me thinking "I HAVE TO LOSE TWO POUNDS THIS WEEK every single day of the week adds so much uneeded stress. And when I don't meet that goal, I'm set back and disappointed. one pound a week is perfect and it was a hard number to get used to but I'm so willing to work at this and prove myself that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Today, I didn't strength train. I definitely realized I have to start getting my workouts done earlier in the day. I studied for my test for 3 hours and the next thing I knew, It was 5 and I hadn't worked out. So I rode the bike for 30 min, ran .5 mile, walked .25 mile, jumped on the bosu for 15 min, stretched, and finished it off with some yoga. 500 calories gone baby =)

this water bottle is making me urinate sooo much haha. I had 90oz of water today just from my water bottle.

The one thing I definitely need to work on is stop weighing myself like 50 times every day. I've had this habit since my anorexia. It's been 10 years that I've done this. I know that the number is what I am so fixated on and sometimes I can't help it. It's like brushing my teeth. It's just a natural routine I have. I weigh myself first thing in the morning, everytime I eat something, and then like 5 times at night.

I mostly weigh myself at night because I know that if the number is lower than what it usually is I REALLY did lose weight. For instance, last week when I weighed in at 137, by night I was around 139 after I ate all day and everything. Today I was 136 this morning and 137.6 tonight. so I know I lost weight. I know I lost fat too. I measured myself with a measuring tape and I have lost inches all over since the beginning of may when I was 141.

Anyways, I'm going to go watch law and order haha. It's another addiction I have. Good night =)