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A New Beginning: The Sequel

I'm a pretty active person. I row varsity crew for my college, so excersizing isn't an issue. I usually practice for 3 hours in the morning (5AM-8AM) and then an extra hour or so of lifting or cardio in the afternoon. Plus I live in the city so there's no car. Just biking and walking everywhere.

The PROBLEM, is that I have no portion control, so my weight fluctuates depending on my appetite that day. I need some tips on controlling portions or foods that are good to snack on and not SO bad for me.

My goal is to drop the few extra pounds before bikini season. I want to be SMOKIN! And all my hard work to show. haha



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Jan. 20th, 2009 05:52 pm (UTC)
Here are three little things you can do:
1) Use a smaller plate. Most people "fill the plate up".
2) When you eat, just eat. Don't do other things at the same time (give yourself a chance to notice when you're full.)
3) Be careful of sugary things. They send your blood sugar up, which sends insulin up, which crashes the blood sugar and leaves you with cravings. If you eat foods that even out your blood sugar (e.g. a little lean protein), you'll have an easier time of it.

And a bigger thing: read labels and look up nutrition information. The more you know about your food, the easier it is to make smart choices.
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